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M.E.R.C. is a 3D strategy game developed by TinyMob Games for PC that is planned to be available on Steam Early Access. In M.E.R.C. the last standing city called Neotopia is riddled with greed and corruption. The forces of Manta have undermined progress towards sustainability and it is now your job as a commander to recruit, train, and lead your chosen squad of elite mercenaries against the Manta threat. Step into an exciting world of real-time, tactical battles in M.E.R.C. where your recruits can fill every role you could need, you just need to help them find their way.


Squad Tactics: Mix and match members of your squad to compliment their roles and split your squad into Alpha and Bravo teams when you want to get extra strategic. Direct your units to take cover, fire on foes, and correct their positions.

Class System: Units each have their own class like Assault, Sniper, Heavy, and Engineer. Subclasses like Hacker and Medic to further specialize unit roles.

Unit Customization: Weapons and gear that you acquire can be given to your units and new special abilities can be trained for each of them to increase their combat effectiveness.

Stylized Weaponry: All heroes have their own stylized, unique weapon that they are seasoned in using. They are true forces to be reckoned with and are worth at least a hundred men on the battlefield.

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  • M.E.R.C. Official Teaser Trailer

    Early access is coming January 17th to the tactical squad-based game, M.E.R.C.!

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