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Maelstrom is a third-person battle-royale game featuring intense ship v. ship competitive multiplayer action across deadly waters.

Business Model: Buy-to-Play

Microtransactions: Yes, while everything gameplay-related is unlockable over time, you can accelerate the process and/or purchase additional cosmetic items with an earnable premium currency.

Key Features:

All Aboard: Pick and choose from 3 distinct races, 9 leaders, and a dock full of battle-ready ships.

Top Men: Fight rivalling captains to the death and earn the right to plunder scattered gold and become the last man standing!

Bombs Away: Hone in on the proper angle and elevation to successfully land a blast of damaging cannon fire all while dodging your rival's equally destructive attacks.

Call from the Deep: As the match progresses, dangerously hungry sea monsters restrict the safe areas while expanding the aptly 'Dead Waters' no-go zones. Stay there for too long and you just might end up being something's dinner.

Humans - Dictates the pace of combat with great speeds, long ranges, and powerful broadsides.
Orcs - Deadly when close due to overwhelming boarding ability, devastating ramming, and formidable agility.
Dwarves - Never caught unprepared as a result of packing in tough armor, omnidirectional cannons, and reversible movement.

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