Magerealm: Rise of Chaos Screenshots

  • Tigerstorm

    This is a kick arse game. There is so many gootally awed qualities it is just too much to list. The tavern free draw where you get a orange hero everytime. The way you can rank up your wings. And another good quailty is that you can spend bound diamonds the same way you spend the diamonds that you invest in the game, and the collections of the way you rank up. Game is way awesome. Stop by and try.

  • Marley Roe

    MageRealm has many flaws, including areas that the play is unrealistic, and can waste a large amount of your time and effort. There is currently a live feed of just such and example, in the Mage’s Road, where you have to repeat the same play over and over, often for hours, to get a single card, which gives you little boost. Watch the live stream!

  • HelloKitty

    Hello. I had the misfortune to play in the Russian localization of the game. EspritGames/GTArcade/Youzu Interactive Co – Орден Магов – MageRealm – 魔法天堂. The game has a lot of mistakes and the game is very expensive. But I agreed to these terms. Because game developers promised to correct errors and add updates in the future. I started playing this game and donated her $ 1,500. However, it later emerged that in the Russian localization of the game between players is encouraged racketeering, sexual harassment and verbal abuse based on gender. In the game and in the forum of the game. In the Russian localization of the game players who have little money, forced donors to join in a guild via blackmail. Otherwise, the donator will be subjected to constant harassment in global chat and private. All donors and strong players concentrated in one guild. Then guild elite: guild master and his assistants put their own conditions for other donators and players – it’s necessary to give all the first places for guild elite, it’s necessary to give all the first places of paid events for guild elite. Players who do not accept the terms of the guild elite will be persecuted and they not be able to pump their own guild from scratch. If the player who’ll be expelled from guild, does not want to leave the game and lose the donations for his character, the blackmailersguild begins to bullying. They begin to write round-the-clock insults in a very dirty form. About that unwelcome person has sex with their parents. And also offer dirty sex disgusting words. If the guild is possible to get an account on a social network, the blackmailers are beginning to spread on the game forum personal information and correspondence. Complaints sent to developers for such illegal actions only lead to the punishment of the victims. Developers always take the side of the majority, but not the law. Developers only accuse the victims of self-provocation of violence against them. However, such a policy does not bring good results. Blackmail, bullying and sexual humiliation in the game do not stop. I do not recommend playing this game and pay large sums of money for something that you will be subjected to abuse and sexual humiliation. In addition to the fact that the game has a very low gameplay.

  • Alyn Bryan

    Upset that the owners of this game have seen fit to just quit.No updates, game has massive lagging, and it has not had a “realm giveback” or Hot Event in over a month. 2017 Chinese New Year came and the game just seemed to stop existing for the people who own it. Giving this a 1 star rating where ever I can comment!