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    2D Fantasy

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Malkyrs is an online tactics game featuring physical cards and digital interactivity. Go on a journey across a mystical land challenging the greatest of champions and escaping an island of death.

Business Model: Retail

Microtransactions: Yes, packs providing IRL and in-game cards will be available for purchase.

Key Features:

Paths Taken: Make varied choices and follow the branching narratives.

Cardboard to Binary: Collect beautiful cards in binders for viewing pleasure and play them in-game when necessary.

Tiered Stages: Play a particular spell multiple times over in a match to see it evolve to new heights.

Crack Open a Pack: Seek out the commons, rares, and legendary status cards to build out a full collection.

Solve the Puzzle: Experiment with different variations of decks to find a winning strategy.

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  • Malkyrs Gameplay Trailer

    Travel through the magical world of Brenn and cast the spells that will impress even a goddess.

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