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Are you prepared to explore the shattered continent of Neha? Ready to meet strange new people and uncover the continent's secrets? Take destiny into your own hands and fight for the freedom of the people of Neha! Choose between three different classes. Avenge your mother's murder as a ranger, prevent the destruction of Neha as a mighty mage or become a warrior and join the emperor's troops on a secret mission.
Custom character development

Each class in Martial Empires has three different weapons available to them, each with its own skills and passive abilities. You can specialize your character for one weapon or use a combination of weapons to bring out the best in each weapon. You can switch between weapons in battle as you see fit. Each weapon has its own special merits. A sword, for example, increases a mage's ability to improve his critical hits. A scythe, on the other hand, allows you to transfer your enemy's health to yourself.

You'll also receive skill points starting at level 25 that can be used to increase your strength, intelligence, defense or dexterity. What should your character be specialized in? Should your character have especially high endurance and loads of health points or are you banking on his ability to dodge attacks? The choice is yours!

Stories of epic heroic deeds have been collected for centuries in the Chronicle of Souls. You can earn special advantages in battle for your hero by researching these myths.
Guilds and guild warfare

In Martial Empires you can band together with friends to form a guild. Guild members can level up their guild together. Higher levels also mean more room for new members and access to a guild bank. Your guild also needs to have reached a set level in order to participate in guild warfare.

Guild warfare is not yet available. More information coming soon!

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