Martial Heroes Review:


For a game its age the game looks great, the style of the game can be seen everywhere and the lands are interesting enough to travel trough. But don’t play this game if you are a hihg-end graphics addict.

Martial Heroes: new patch

ARTICLE On the 18th of March Game Entertainment Europe has released a massive patch for its MMORPG Martial Heroes.

Glitter and Glamour in Martial Heroes Europe !

ARTICLE All that glitter and glamour

After working really hard the GM's decided some fun was in order. To bring themselves and our heroes a place to relax Pandora's Palace has been built. You are all cordially invited to join them in the grand opening of this brand new casino. To top this Dave and

All Hallow’s week !

ARTICLE Halloween has arrived in the world of Martial Heroes and things are turning scary! Night seems endless and there are sighting of some strange ghost monsters. Fight them for fame or quickly put on your disguises and try to hide in their midst!

Event features:

1.Most game area’s won’t see