Metal Slug Defense

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    SNK Playmore

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    Free To Play, Sci-Fi, Strategy

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Metal Slug Defense is a free to play tower defense game developed by SNK Playmore for PC, iOS, and Android based on the Metal Slug world. In Metal Slug Defense you will battle against computers or other players in singleplayer or multiplayer battles to be the first to overtake the opposition's base. The key of each match will be to carefully manage your AP, which can be used to purchase units or upgrade your AP-generation rate. As your units march across the screen they will encounter the units your enemy has purchased, fight them off, and ultimately reach their base to deal damage to it. Metal Slug Fans are sure to be entertained with seeing their favorite Metal Slug characters, units, and weapons in a fresh, new setting!


King of Fighters Crossover: King of Fighters characters make an appearance to fight alongside your favorite Metal Slug Heroes.

2D Pixel Dot Graphics: Your favorite 2D pixel dot graphics are back in a new setting with the same explosions that we all know and love.

Multiplayer Matches: Fight against other players 1-on-1 or team up with a partner and take on your foes in 2-on-2 battles.

Simplistic Concept: Metal Slug Defense's simplistic controls and design make it easy to pick up and all the more addictive.

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  • Metal Slug Defense Game Trailer

    The official trailer for Metal Slug Defense, a 2D tower defense game developed by SNK Playmore for PC, iOS, and Android.

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