Miner Meltdown

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    Mighty Pebble Games

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Miner Meltdown is an online 2D multiplayer shooter blending gameplay and visual elements from titles like Terraria and Spelunky. Take your pick from a variety of diverse weaponry and get to digging through the randomly generated map picking up gold and killing any enemies that cross your path, available for Windows.


Game Mode Trio: Eliminate all opponents in Team Deathmatch, collect the most diamonds in Diamond Rush, or stay in the designated area for as long as possible in Crazy King.

Gun Jubilee: From pistols and assault rifles to flamethrowers and rocket launchers, with so many ways to kill one another it's hard to pick just one!

Molerat: Follow the path your teammates have created or dig yourself a new one.

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  • Miner Meltdown Trailer

    Obtain riches beyond your wildest dreams by shootin' n' diggin', but mostly shootin'.

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