• RPGlover

    We non chinese-speaking player demand an english version of the game…

  • KyriosBiohazard

    I demand to just downloaded it and play it besides i’ll get off my ass to learn a new language besides its giving me the 404 file not found

  • Cody Jantzen

    I want it in English

  • Codie McKee

    be great if the game was in English

  • Terry O’Neil

    Might be a good game if I could read Chinese…

  • FAG


  • warga indonesia

    gimana cara dowload game monster hunter onlainnya ka kk please infonya..!!

  • warga indonesia

    information to download monster hunter games onlain….

  • warga indonesia

    please take the info online game monster hunter

  • Ancaladar

    So, I don’t speak chinease, BUT I still want to try this thing out, how the heck do I download this thing?