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In Moonlight Online vampires harness elemental energies and possess astounding abilities of speed, equilibrium and power. Beneath their ashen faces and piercing crimson gazes lie mysterious and profound forces. Descended from the purest and most noble bloodlines, vampires are proud and lonely fallen angels of the night.

The natural enemies of vampires, werewolves are fearsome beasts with amazing restorative powers. Their ability to explode into a berserker fury increases their attack power against vampires, fueling gripping PvP battles that feature the colossal clash of claws and fangs.

Not to be taken lightly, humans are powerful beings in their own right. King Cruz received blessings from all the gods for destroying the Dark Dragon, endowing his people with great intelligence and courage. With its many schools of might and magic, the Monarchy of Cruz has raised generations of legendary defenders.

Players will have their choice of any of the three earthly races as they immerse themselves in the moving tales of Moonlight Online. From vampiric hunters that prowl the blackest night to the righteous and fierce guardians of the land, whether they take the role of conqueror or defender, players will harness amazing abilities as they explore the world of Moonlight Online.

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Game Articles

  • Orion

    need to download…

  • vampire freak

    is this any good

  • xXroseXx

    This is an amazing game. I play it everyday!!

  • Phillipines Gang hater

    if u help anyone then PH will gang up on you

  • Rose

    Wish the game can stop disconnecting on each hour. It get’s annoying. Please stop having your game disconnect on each hour. It will be a lot better if you can do that.

  • Amelia

    Trying to install it. It sends me to Facebook no problem, however when it sends me to Facebook, it’s blocked off. Meaning all I see, is this:
    So, can anyone please help me?! I do not know what to do T^T

    • Rossy

      Moonlight has been closed down since the end of April.

      • Chase Gardner

        What happens if you spent money in game did they say they will transfer it to another game?

  • Klaha Versailles

    já faz um bom tempo em que o Moonlight esta em “working” por favor liguem os servidores do jogo novamente.. esse foi meu primeiro RPG não vi melhor até hoje.. tragam o MoonLight de volta :/

  • Niccole Hoody

    what the heck have been to the game its not on face book anymore and i cant log on thought my computer. u should tell ppl if u going to stop having the game. we need a new one

  • Nicole

    I MISSSS THIIIIIISSSS, WHY THEY CLOSED IT DOWN??,.. damn this was like the best MMORPG T^T

    • Grace LikeMe

      If someone support the dev. this game will alive again 🙂 just message the developer for requested MO back again 🙂

      • Nicole

        i can do that? ~.~

  • Carrie Talbott

    I had a lot of real fun here. It’s a pity they allowed the trolls to hack it up. I miss the game and the friends I made along the way.

  • jailton

    seus fila puta voces tirarão o melhor jogo

    • soul reaper616


  • mostafa

    when its goin to be played again

    • DR1

      so still it cant come back my brother was crying becouse it was deleted it was his best game ever and i was in a shock becouse its still didint come back my brother told me when it will come back he will be the bestes gamer ever his nick name is DR1 i love this game to but now so much time past but i cant forget this game and now im writing this and im crying i cant belivi it was deleted.

  • Reira B.

    I miss this game so much :/

  • kaiticat

    Really hope they bring it back online sometime in the future

  • Eric

    Please bring back this game. I have a lot of memory in this game. I’m really miss this game.

  • Christian Finneran

    I really miss this game as well, pls pls pls, I’ll be a good boy…

  • Leena

    Will you ever start this game up again? I can’t find an MMORPG that I enjoy as much as I did this game. I want this game back so much!!!

  • rj trinidad

    This is the be MMO in the World, I love this Game so Much .. Hope it will back soon ..

  • Johnny Johns

    plz, bring it back’ i love this game, i’l be a good boy nw 🙂

  • Athar

    I want to have this game is this possible?

  • Cee Rex Kuh

    I really , really love this game. .I like being an alchemist. .making good potion then sell it. .

  • Christian

    I really miss this game. I miss be Sage and steal hp please bring it back. plzzzzzzzzz

  • Rose Holtcome

    This game will never be back… Wish it would though…. Sooo very sorry, PLZ BRING IT BACK!! OSSHH please? How can we beg the developer?? lol

  • k

    Wishing this game would come back online it was so much fun when i found out about it i really enjoyed the game so much hoping one day they will revive it and ill be able to play again Please someone bring back a game like this or this game ;-;

  • Ayman Abdullah

    i miss this game
    when back again

  • Victor Nogueira

    Eu adoro este game , procurei muito já saber o motivo do fechamento , gostaria muito que voltasse

  • Fernando Vitor

    Vocês tinham tudo pra dar certo. Tinham uma boa comunidade, um bom jogo, uma boa história, boa mecânica. Vocês preferiram fazer o que? Investir em jogo merda, e fechar o Moonligt. Na boa, vocês fuderam com um dos melhores MMO’s que já tive o prazer de jogar. Come back, Moonlight!

  • Zednie Fernandez

    We are waiting IGG. Please bring back the best MMO.

  • John Astla

    Hello IGG all of us waiting Moonlight Online. Please bring it back. It’s the best MMORPG game ever for us !!!

  • rogel

    Please Bring Back This Game
    This Game is Best of the Best
    Please back this game
    All MO players are waiting in this game
    Please back this game all MO player miss this game

  • rogel

    Please Bring Back This Game
    This Game is Best of the Best
    Please back this game
    All MO players are waiting in this game
    Please back this game all MO player miss this game 🙁

  • rogel

  • Jason rex Lobaton

    Please IGG. Bring back this game. .much better in andriod..

  • Arthur

    IGG please bring back this game. All of us waiting this game. Moonlight Online still has chance. I miss buying something in this game. You are the best game site

  • LennonGotthiz

    If this Game will be back…
    All the Drama will continue as well.
    People, People, People those Good and Bad Memories are already buried.
    For me it is great to have it back, but If everyone will desperately destroy it again and continue those fucking drama much better if the game will be forever shutdown…

  • Leinad Setroc

    Please back this game ,
    I miss it so much

  • Victor Nogueira

    Seria otimo ver esse jogo on de novo.

  • William Wooten

    I never played it but was real interested to give it a try.

  • josedario abuyabor

    Please even tho i’m just nothing compared to you please bring back this game a lot us players love this game so much give us a chance to happy again in gaming please. just for one it would really answer our wishes. thank you for reading

  • William

    Please bring back the game. We are ready to support you !

  • juliet

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  • johnrey villagracia

    please bring back this game, ilove this game please..

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  • guuh nandes

    Please IGG. Bring back this game pleaaase

  • elisson de sousa

    esse game era o melhor que tristeza

  • Lil Guty

    affs mano, voltem com esse jogo, era muito foda, nunca achei um igual. 🙁

  • Kyn


  • Elijah John Buan

    pls come back 🙁 asap