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    2D Fantasy

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A remake of Game321's Mu title, Mu Classic is a traditional fantasy MMORPG featuring a pre-set cast of classes and characters. Epic weapons and flashy combat are the main features.


Epic Weapons: Mu Classic features over-the-top weapons, both extreme in size, shape, and general aesthetics. Mu Classic allows players to collect some truly ridiculous gear with which to crush enemies and complete missions.

Aerial and Naval Combat: Flying and swimming mounts are available, and mounted combat is the norm with Mu Classic. Players do much more than simply run around on foot - there is great variety to the conflict in Mu.

Unique Characters: Mu Classic features multiple unique classes, represented by individual characters. These characters are colorful, have a place in the game's story, and are designed to have something for everyone.

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  • Mu Classic Trailer

    A trailer featuring epic gameplay footage and ample features from Mu Classic.

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