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    Gravvit LLC

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My Lands: Black Gem Hunting is an international browser-based strategy game. With strong similarities to Heroes of Might and Magic, My Lands features two server types: military for PvP play, or mining for PvE play. Players may choose to play as a Demon, Dark Elf, Elf, or Human, and then gather resources to build up their cities and armies. Finally, players can earn Black Gems, which can be cashed out for real world money straight to PayPal.


Classic Strategy RPG Style: Styled after Heroes of Might and Magic, My Lands offers a classic resource, city, and army management system.

Choice of PvE or PvP Play: No forced PvP in MyLands - you can choose to play with other competitive players, or stay in a friendly world without worrying about your defenses.

Multiple Mission Types: Go on both military and non-military missions to expand your kingdom and gain valuable resources.

Earn Real Money: Find and earn Black Gems, which can then be converted into cash through a PayPal transaction (if you have a subscription).

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