Mythgard CCG

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  • Developer:
    Rhino Games

  • Genres:
    2D Fantasy, 2D Sci-Fi, Free To Play

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Rhino Games Inc introduces a free-to-play CCG that blends mythology and mechanisms in Mythgard. When her boyfriend, the lord of the underworld, is missing for over a century, Percy decides she's done waiting, and goes to visit her mother. Against the orders of her boyfriend.

Business Model: Free to Play

Microtransactions: Presumably yes, as the game is free to play.

Key Features:

Single Player Story Campaign: Learn the ropes in an extensive campaign, which will net you cards, strategy, and experience in the game.

Original World: A world that blends myth with modern day reality, as dragons and jets vie for superiority of the skies, and gangs of valkyries ride motorcycles through the streets.

Free Means Free: Every card in the game can be obtained without spending a dime. Earn daily rewards in various PvE modes to prepare you to dominate the PvP boards.

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  • Mythgard Alpha Trailer

    Blending mythology and the modern world, Mythgard is a new CCG from Rhino Games, coming to iOS, Android, and PC on Steam.

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