Note: This game has been cancelled or shut down and is no longer available for play.
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    Smith & Tinker

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The inside of your PC, and the Internet itself, is alive with nanoscopic silicon monsters called Nanovor. Join Lucas and his friends as they fight swarms of Nanovor against each other.
* FREE download includes everything you need to start play, including 4 free Nanovor!
* Battle & Trade with your friends online
* Evolve & Collect over 100 Nanovor - more are discovered almost every day!
* Build your collection with Booster Packs
* Create Teams with combo attacks that your friends can't beat!
* Watch stunning battles with 1000s of animations!

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Game Videos

  • Introduction trailer

    Lucas tells us about these "Way cool" nanoscopic creatures that he found living in his computer.

Game Articles

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  • Jack

    I want to play the dang game start it up again I MISS PLAYING NANOVOR AND I MEAN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jack

    I want to play Nanovor I had played it before it is really fun and I’m not kidding I want to play it again and they decided to shut it down. That really BUGS me. So, if we were getting enough comments on how we liked the game they might decide to bring it back up. So, who’s with me? Who’s with me?!?!?!?!?!?!?

    • DAN


      • Gon

        MEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeee Toooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        One problem though, were would they get the kickstart’en mony? every Nanovor fan would have to donate at least 5 to 15 dollars.
        Might work if you did it on kickstarter though..

        • Gon

          Sorry typo-

  • christian lowe

    bring it back now i want it back

  • A.s

    WHAT THE HELL HAPPEND!!!!!! awhile ago i was playing and every thing just stoped working so i went to smith and tinker and tried to call them and it wasent them and the number was exacted its like they got uptucted by aliens

  • brad aka da man

    bring back the game please!!!

  • brad aka da man

    the best part was the nanoscopes!!!!!!

  • brad aka da man

    I hear there investing in on a nother game.

  • brad aka da man

    it would help if they had a card game

  • deano451

    I loved nano for and they took it away… i t might have been my favorite game…. it was awesome.

  • Rion Nightengale

    PLEASE BRING IT BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • pacmanzap

    I loved nanovor and faunasphere but they took them both down at around the same time, after that they also took down glitch


    LETS BUY THE COMPANY AND TAKE BACK NANOVOR FOR IT WAS THE GREATEST GAME EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (plus I still have 2 nanoscopes with no nanovor on it beside the starter nanovor and I beat the game)


    or just make our own nanovor games…..right?

  • gabe

    whyyyyyyyyy its gone whyyyyyyyyyy someone needs to start it back up and maybe modify it to be better+ the people who made the game got shut down so either one of us or a new company puts it back up

  • Dan

    I loved this game for as long as I could remember my mother thought since there is no more nanovor she should throw my nanoscopes away so she snuck one into the garbage so I store my nanoscopes in a safe place so if you run the game my mother will understand. I love nanovor so much that when I noticed you shut it down ran to my room and sobbed so loud and since then i started crying when ever i saw my nanoscope which is happening now. i hoped this would motivate you to bring it back. i miss nanovor so much it was more sad when i noticed it happened on my birth-day. PLZ run nanovor again (i was 5 years old when i started playing)

  • chad

    nanovor was and still is the greatest game ever you shut it down without thinking clearly i think it should come back soon


    Me too

  • Gon

    Smith and tinker disbanded a while ago…
    If we got enough complaints filled to the people that used to be up smith and tinker, they’d see there’s enough profit in the game to bring it back,then relanch it. Every one needs to send a complaint. After hundreds, they might bring it back. It worked for while, they did make a app after enough complaints. The app shut down to, time to try again.
    Send all complaints to-
    John Weiss, creator of the game Nanovor. Wikipedia were he is or something, then start the stalking
    . Go forth my fellow Nanovor fans!!!
    !!!!Bring back the glory of Nanovor!!!!

    • abra

      Hear him now!!!
      spread the word,
      the era of Nanovor has returned!!!
      Wait, typo there dude. It’s John Weisman

  • F0rmalDyre

    I used to bring my nanoscope everywhere, I miss this game so much. after years of missing it I tried to see if it had come back, but sadly some stupid travel site took its place. That must change…. I WANT WAR CHARGER AND ELECTROPEDE BACK!!!

  • casey

    Pleas bring it back

  • ????

    yes please bring it back there is a lot of people that love this game and you should bring it back and see.

  • Jon

    What happened to the second nanovor game? I think it was called nanovor fusion. can someone comment back saying if it went bankrupt too?

  • Dylan

    I miss this game so much someone need to bring it back

  • Joshua Torayno

    Pls Bring Back The Nanovor Evolution Im Still Waiting Until The End Of The Time I Believe It Will Come Back (Just Wait 🙂 )


    I AGREE WITH THE LAST GUY TO POST!!! I have a Nanoscope, and I had really high lvl nanovor, but I can’t put them on my Nanoscope because they turned the friggen base game off!!!

  • jacob

    bring back nanovor plzzzzzz ill suck ur d

  • Nathan Dowden

    don’t they see how much people like Nanovor. If they don’t bring the game back then they don’t know how to please people all over the world.

  • Todd

    If anyone still has the program and can figure out how to modify it and send it back out to the public that would be great, the game should come back it was one of the best games to come with its own hand held playing device

  • Octosquidy

    i really miss this, it was a big part of my childhood and the mmo was a step up for me from the handheld (which i broke on accident ;-;)

  • Johnnybroski


  • michael

    please bring this game back i have searched for this game ever since it shut down we shouldnt have to suffer anymore we deserve to play the game everyone spent hundreds of dollars on this game like i did and to have it jerkked away if so i want a full refund and i will start a petition as of right now i kmow there is thousands if not more that willl agree with me thank you

  • Abnaxus

    It sucks that today’s gaming companies only pander to fps games anymore. It’s disgusting. Games were so much more than shooting people. I was hoping things like Nanovor, OddWorld games, Fantasy Tennis, Pikmin, etc would be the type of games that would flourish for those of us who don’t do fps games. Some of us are better at thinking than reflexes (shooting). smh. So disgusting how redundant many games are. Boring crap. And it sucks that if they can’t make tons of money, it’s ignored even though so many are into it. It’s so lame. Disappointed in all these greedy boring companies.