MMO Holiday Event Guide 2013

FEATURE The holiday season is starting earlier and earlier every year and the announcements for the events are already pouring in. We’ll be updating this list every Thursday leading up to Christmas so keep ...

Navy Field 2 Review – Sleeping with the Fishes

REVIEW By Remko Molenaar (Proxzor), OnRPG Journalist Behind the closed bars that try to fend off the masses of naval warfare fans, I was able to test the game out in one of the first closed beta sessions. I ...

AlphaBeta Soup 3/29: Post-PAX Surprise


It has been a huge week for betas! OnRPG has a ton of giveaways going for everything from the World of Warplanes Closed Beta to Orb Packs for Godsrule.

  • Pete Finley

    The company that makes Navyfield are thieves. Everyone should avoid this game. If you feel the need to try it, do NOT purchase any items with real money, as your account can be deleted for any reason, including simply being inactive. They will not refund your money.

  • corey

    had the same thing happen to me… account removed cause I wasn’t playing ever few weeks.. missed 5 weeks and gone . f u world of warships is taking all your players lol.. and anyone say GAME OVER lol

  • corey

    f u navy field …. world of warships is now the game

  • mande

    GAME OVER FOR NAVY FIELD 2 and 1 sorry…

  • NF

    NF2 wont be a good game, there is already bugs on NF1 is unfix how NF2 will fix the bugs, slow support service, leave player at the side NOT Recommend this game at all