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    Harebrained Schemes

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    Fantasy, Other

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Necropolis is a 3D perma-death adventure game developed by Harebrained Schemes and is available for purchase on PC, Xbox One, and PS4. In Necropolis players will explore their way through a living dungeon in search of an exit as a nameless adventurer, taking on any monsters or challenges that stand in their way. The deeper you go, the greater the threats you will face so you'll need to loot and craft equipment that will stand up to the tasks ahead of you. Be careful, otherwise you might get sucked into the addictive experience of exploring dungeon after dungeon in search of even greater equipment.


Perma-Death: When you die in Necropolis you are permanently dead, but you will unlock new upgrades and gain some valuable dungeon-exploring know-how for your next adventure.

Cooperative Multiplayer: Have up to three of your friends join in with you and take on dungeons side-by-side!

Procedurally-Generated Dungeons: Every dungeon you enter will be different from the last, ensuring a unique and challenging dungeon-exploring experience.

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