Neural Cloud

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  • Developer:
    SUNBORN Network Technology Co

  • Genres:
    Free To Play, Sci-Fi, Strategy

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Neural Cloud is a strategy RPG for mobile, and part of the Girls' Frontline series of games featuring female main characters. Join the world and save these Next-gen Dolls and help them uncover their pasts and break free.

Business Model: Free to Play

Microtransactions: Yes

Key Features:

Unique Doll Characters: Meet dozens of "Dolls," characters with their own unique stories and strengths.

Special Strategy Gameplay: With roguelike elements, manage your risk in battle - whether it's planning in advance or playing it by ear - and develop teams that utilize friendship and synergy.

Build Your Sanctuary: You are in charge of the Oasis, a new home for the Exiles, and you will need to build the city, manage its infrastructure, and even handle individual dormitories for your Dolls.

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