Nidhogg II

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    2D Fantasy, Fantasy, Strategy

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Nidhogg II is a tug-of-war multiplayer game of quick wits and even faster fingers. Outsmart and outmaneuver your opponent to make it to the final screen and be crowned the victor, available for Windows and the PlayStation 4.


Arms Race: Discover and quickly master 4 distinctly different weapon types.

Win at All Costs: Stab, shoot, slice, stomp, and parry your way to eliminating or avoiding the enemy.

Valhalla: Participate in the fast-paced stabby action in a myriad of ways including vs. a friend, an a.i., local, online, or in a 8-player tournament across 10 unique stages.

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    The infamous tug-of-war multiplayer stabby-action game is back and better than ever.

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