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Nioh is an incredibly fast paced action role playing game from the same creators of Ninja Gaiden, expect difficult but satisfying combat and enough blood to fill a blood bank, available for the PlayStation 4.


Blood Pumping Action: Soak in the rivers of red while slashing through enemies like demons, ogres, and ninjas.

Tools of the Trade: Cut through the horde with swords, axes, bows, and much more.

Summons: Get a little help from your friends to decimate the opposition.

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    In March 2020, Nioh 2 will be coming to life, and can now officially be pre-ordered. They also tease the gameplay you can expect in the grisly, gritty, in

  • Nioh Complete Edition Launch Trailer

    Nioh: Complete Edition launches today on Steam for 49.99 USD, and includes all three DLC expansions and content, including the Abyss Mode!

  • Nioh: Complete Edition PC Trailer

    Are you prepared to #defydeath? Nioh: Complete Edition's almost here on PC. It drops 11/7 and contains the full game and all DLC as well as new areas to di

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