Novus AEterno

Note: This game has been cancelled or shut down and is no longer available for play.
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    TaiTale Studios

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Novus Aeterno is an RTS that takes place across a massive galaxy. With the collapse of the five great empires that once ruled the galaxy, it is up to the players to determine the outcome of the conflict between the factions. Competition can happen anywhere, between anyone, and the free-for-all nature of the game allows anyone to join in your skirmishes as either friend or foe. Choose your strategy wisely to overcome all obstacles.


Crew and ships: Develop the right crew for your strategy, as well as building a proper fleet to achieve the same goal. Utilize capital ships that give substantial bonuses for even more power!

Alliance based: Join a group of like-minded people to protect yourself and lend your strength. The galaxy is a brutal place; keep your interests active through others.

Challenges: Compete against another person, or do team battles with your friends. This mode is great to test out new tactics, weapons, and combat.

Infiltrators: Sign up to gain access to the inner workings of the game, with your feedback being put right into the hands of the developers.

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