One Troll Army

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    Fantasy, Strategy, Free To Play

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One Troll Army is a multiplayer defense game being developed by FlyAnvil and produced by tinyBuild for PC where players can customize their own Troll unit and lead them into fierce battles. Little is currently known about the game, but it will soon be coming to Steam and keys will be sent out for the game prior to the launch.


Twitch Integration: While streaming the Twitch chat can control units in the game, working their own way towards victory.

Troll Upgrades: Upgrade your troll and make him more battle-ready than he has ever been before!

Chat Rewards: Those playing from the Twitch chat window will also be able to earn rewards and upgrade their units, so chat members will be gunning for their own victory.

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Game Videos

  • One Troll Army: Twitch Chat Vs Troll PAX East 2016

    One Troll Army showcases its revolutionary gameplay at PAX East 2016 where members of your live Twitch chat utilize hashtags to control their advance on yo

  • One Troll Army Announcement Trailer

    Tinybuild reveals their next title at PAX East, One Troll Army, a city builder with the twist that you're constantly under attack, and most utilize a godly

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