Operation: New Earth

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    Hunted Cow Studios

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    2D Sci-Fi, Free To Play, Sci-Fi, Strategy

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Operation: New Earth is a free-to-play sci-fi strategy game developed by Hunted Cow Studios for iOS, Android, and is available for PC download on Steam. In Operation: New Earth players must form and command the most advanced military facility possible and use it to defend the Earth from hostile alien invasions. Your only protection from the invading aliens is your stronghold, so you must gather resources, level up your base, and work with your alliance to keep it as safe as possible. Will you be able to defend the Earth, or fall to the aliens and other hostile forces?


Unit Management: Train all sorts of different types of units in preparation for the battles to come. You never know what you might have to face next!

Hero Units: Hero Units will give your units great boosts and advantages when in combat. Don't forget to continue to upgrade them for increased effects.

Alliances: Joining an Alliance will give you the chance to become part of huge networks of territory, giving you even more control over resources and objectives.

Neutronium Collection: One of the rarest resources available is Neutronium, a powerful alien element. Collect as much of it as possible to enhance your army's strength.

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Game Videos

  • Operation: New Earth Steam Release Trailer

    Operation: New Earth is an intense sci-fi strategy game that is now on Steam! Build an army, upgrade your facilities, and stomp people with superior tactic

  • Operation : New Earth – Steam Trailer

    Operation: New Earth is a new free to play experience for Google Play/iOS, where you defend Earth from an alien threat using advanced technology!

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