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Original Blood: Tales of Eternal Blood (also known as Moonlight Online) is a free-to-play dark fantasy MMORPG. Set on earth after a great war between humans, werewolves, vampires, and demons, players must choose their faction and rebuild the land while maintaining a fragile inter-'species' peace.

Vampires harness elemental energies and possess astounding abilities of speed, equilibrium and power. Beneath their ashen faces and piercing crimson gazes lie mysterious and profound forces. Descended from the purest and most noble bloodlines, vampires are proud and lonely fallen angels of the night.

The natural enemies of vampires, werewolves are fearsome beasts with amazing restorative powers. Their ability to explode into a berserker fury increases their attack power against vampires, fueling gripping PvP battles that feature the colossal clash of claws and fangs.

Not to be taken lightly, humans are powerful beings in their own right. King Cruz received blessings from all the gods for destroying the Dark Dragon, endowing his people with great intelligence and courage. With its many schools of might and magic, the Monarchy of Cruz has raised generations of legendary defenders.

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