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  • Developer:
    Blue Bottle Games

  • Genres:
    2D Sci-Fi, Sci-Fi, Sim

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Ostranauts is a 2D sci-fi simulation game featuring comprehensive spaceship and crew management in a dystopian solar system society. Scrap together your life's savings and strike out across the galaxy all the while attending to the needs of both your vessel and crew mates.

Business Model: Buy-to-Play

Microtransactions: No

Key Features:

Doing it Right: Manage a variety of independent systems aboard your ship complete with pause, play, and fast-forward functionality.

Ripple Rouser: Carefully observe and interact with your shipmates making sure to socialize with everyone on an personal level lest the consequences of a poor encounter affect the future of everyone on deck.

Well-Read: Explore your surroundings carefully in search of hidden lore, echoing rumours, and expansive histories of the universe's iconic inhabitants.

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    Ostranauts is coming to Steam Early Access on September 10, 2020! And Dominique Tipper reviews her final checklist.

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    Ostranauts, a space simulator from Modern Wolf and Blue Bottle Games, reveals a new gameplay trailer. Set in the NEO Scavenger universe, Ostranauts is set

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