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Paradise Bay is a free to play casual mobile game developed by King and is available for iOS and Android devices. In Paradise Bay you will be able to create your own tropical paradise, meeting exciting islanders and adorable animals! By gathering resources, crafting them into useful goods, and selling them at the marketplace you will be able to fund your getaway and nurture it into a gorgeous paradise!

Business Model: Free to Play

Microtransactions: Yes - Purchase gems for various boosts in game.

Key Features:

Meaningful Relationships: As you build your island you will get to know both the islanders and the animals.

Expansion: As you discover new areas you will be able to expand your island paradise.

Map Collection: Map pieces can be collected to discover new, exciting areas of the world!

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  • Paradise Bay Launch Trailer

    Launch Trailer for Paradise Bay, a free to play town-building simulator that takes place on an island paradise. Available for Windows, iOS, Android and Ama

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