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Welcome to Pentacore: a world of magical energy, legendary creatures, and global wars. Pentacore - The Lords of Edges is a browser based online strategical MMOG which joins the best features of role-playing games with tactics and social simulators.
You will rule a castle which you can personalize and develop as you prefer. You will meet new friends and join together with them to create a huge organization in one of the ten versants! You can enter into one of the four guilds: merchant, jeweler, weaponsmaster, or spy! You can summon an army of terrible monsters to fight your enemies! And you will navigate in a 3D world with your browser!
Join a huge world
A huge game world: a fantasy universe shaped with a twenty-four sides on 10 versants, each of them populated up to 15.000 sorcerers
Be part of a unique economic system
A detailed and organized Economic system: Sorcerers accumulate resources and use them to create buildings for themselves and for the community. The most important buildings require the participation of many sorcerers.
Choose your profession
Four different guilds: Your sorcerer can be a wealthy merchant, or a crafty jeweler, or a skilled weaponsmaster, or a smart spy!
Be ready to fight!
Battles using hundreds of fighting units, magic spells, and Artifacts
Explore the world
You can travel around the Pentacore world looking for treasures and adventures…
Be part of the government
A unique system of social interactions in a browser game. There is an established social structure and an organized goverment, with elections and appointed ministers.
Collaborate with other sorcerers
Text quests and search quests that require the collaboration of other sorcerers to solve. A successful quest means a lot of rewards for you!

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