Pentacore Review: Complex and Boring


Pentacore is an MMO web browser game that takes players into the world of spells and magic. The game mixes elements from RPGs, tactics games, and social simulators. Players take the role of their own sorcerer in his/her own castle. The first thing players will probably notice is the game's awesome 3d graphics which are rare for most browser games. The object of the game is to build an army & create spells to best your opponents. Other than the extremely good graphics, the game doesn't offer anything new. To be honest, it was actually boring at some points, with an excruciatingly long waiting time (when upgrading and /or building structures and units). Although the graphics were enough to lure me into playing this game, I found myself "facepalming" fifteen minutes later. Were there any other redeeming qualities? Let's check it out shall we?