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“Perfect World” is a vast online role-playing game set in a fantasy world with many extra features such as character customization to an unprecedented in game level with self built characters.

In addition the fighting experience is taken to literally a new level with extensive fighting whilst in flight to offer the gamer a truly unique 3D experience.

The excitement is further enhanced by Guild territory ownership and the ability for guilds to build structures on their territory. The world has its battles and quests in land, sea and air in a huge, open and continuous world with different areas is real time simulations with a natural day-and-night-cycle, changing weather (sun, rain, thunder, snow, clouds ...).

Millions of players experience an immersive and huge open world, with an unbelievable number of varied quests, varied terrains and highly challenging dungeons, bosses and a complex game-economy. There is a massive crafting system, with pets and tame animals to ride if you are good enough!
The integrated chat system, the in and out Game Messenger and the individual mailing system also brings a new standard of communication in the world of Massive Multiplayer Online Role- Playing Games (MMORPG).

Perfect World Multilanguage Service provide one of the most comprehensive localizations ever seen in the games market.

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