Pirate Crusaders

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    Crimson Games

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    2D Historical

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Pirate Crusaders is a turn-based MMORPG by Crimson Games. Packed with fast paced pvp and pve action and tons of fun events, Pirate Crusaders lets players experience the pirate life online.


PvE Gameplay: Battle through rich dungeons filled with dangerous enemies and precious loot. Build different boats to sail across the seven seas.

PvP Gameplay: Compete against other pirates for territorial control. Participate in real-time guild wars.

Social Gameplay: Cooperate and compete with players and guild mates for loot and pirate titles.

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  • Pirate Crusaders Trailer

    Crimson Games presents Pirate Crusaders, a free-to-play strategy MMO with a classic pirate twist.

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