Pirate Galaxy: Illegal Mines Expansion


Splitscreen Studios announces an extensive update for the award-winning browser game Pirate Galaxy. The new conquest system will introduce battles for illegal mines on April 20th, 2011. Along with a new type of resource, gravitons, the Hamburg-based developer also present a new alliance system, new missions, new planets, and new achievements in their 3D browser game about lawless space pirates.

Pirate Galaxy Interview: Avast Improvement?


Pirate Galaxy is a free-to-play MMORPG from German developers Splitscreen Studios. Placing you into the space boots of an elite pilot, you're tasked with the retrieval of rare and precious metals scattered across a multitude of planets and star systems. Unfortunately for you, the human race is locked in an intense war with the Mantis, a terrifying alien breed hell bent on keeping the goods for themselves. The struggle for the prized resources promises to be an intense conflict, and with a whole host of impressive visual effects and high production values, a pretty one too.

Pirate Galaxy goes Open Beta!

ARTICLE Leading European MMOG Publisher gamigo is happy to announce the official open beta phase start of the science-fiction 3D browser MMOG Pirate Galaxy.