Pirates of the Polygon Sea

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Pirates of the Polygon Sea a multiplayer adventure game created by Praxia Entertainment. You play as a swashbuckler vying for control of the Mythic Isle while exploring the high, pixalated seas for treasure, danger and pure adventure.


Naval Combat: Fire broadside cannons, throw burning oil, and board enemy vessels to experience intense pirate combat.

Dynamic Weather: Navigate raging storms, giant waves, deadly vortexes, and other dynamic weather effects as you sail throughout the world.

Build a Town: Collect resources to upgrade your ship, expand your fleet and eventually build a small community into a bustling sea port.

Terror creatures: Play cautiously as you deal with creatures such as white whales, deadly sharks and even the fabled Kraken.

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  • Pirates of the Polygon Sea Kickstarter Trailer

    Pirates of the Polygon Sea is ready to attempt to take on the open world sailing game once more! Keep an eye out for more details when their Kickstarter go

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