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Planet Calypso represents the flagship planet of the Entropia Universe Sci-Fi MMORPG Gaming Franchise. With the largest population, most stable economy, and most content of any planet, it is the ideal starting location for players becoming accustomed to the unique real money economy that is Entropia Universe.


PED: Put your money where your mouth is with a real money economy that is directly transferable back and forth between PED and the US dollar.

Sandbox Gameplay: Do as you please in an open-ended world where the player can decide how to earn PED either via crafting, trading, or more unique ways including even being a hair stylist!

Own Your Land: Love Planet Calypso? Own your own slice of it and rake in the profits via a Calypso Land Deed

Build Your Character: Train your skills in various tools and weapons and acquire the most powerful armor to protect your investments from other players looking to steal from the weak and give to themselves.

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  • Terry O’Neil

    Might be a good game if I had real money to throw away…

  • nick

    This game is only enjoyable if your willing to spend $20 a week until you’re rich enough to get loot that will pay for itself.

    It is quite literally a money sink. You will probably spend a few hundred before the loot will pay for itself. Or you could sweat for 8 hours a day for 9 months straight then play a few days off what you make…