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Pocket Gothic is a free to play 3D mobile brawler developed by Fedeen Games for Android and has an upcoming iOS release date. In Pocket Gothic players can lead their chosen hero on an epic journey to restore light to a world that has been filled with darkness. With your champions by your side and your experience as a hero, nothing will be able to stand in your way in a world filled with cute, gothic visuals!


Varying Classes: Pocket Gothic has a class for you, no matter if you prefer close or ranged combat.

Chapters: Play through a singleplayer campaign composed of different chapters that will help you write the tale of how you saved the world.

Arena PvP: Fight in the Arena against other heroes, all of whom want to prove that they are the very best at what they do!

Guilds: Join up with a Guild to find other players you can team up with to make battles a breeze. How else will you be able to take down those strong World Bosses and earn some epic loot?

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Game Videos

  • Pocket Gothic Announcement Trailer

    Fedeen Games reveals a new sidescroller arcade beat 'em up for mobile, Pocket Gothic.

  • Pocket Gothic Story Trailer

    Fedeen Games presents the story of Pocket Gothic, a new anime-gothic beat'em up for mobile. Pre-registration is available now at this link.

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