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Pockie Saints take players into the world of in which three nations (glory, star, and dark) are constantly at war to gain the divine blessing of the Zodiac Lords ruling over the stars and constellations. However the Zodiac Lords were not immortal and have finally succumbed to the power of the World Tree. In a final attempt to ensure resistance against the World Tree’s Chaos, they have released medals containing portions of their power to the mortal realm in the hopes that new warriors will rise up to stand strong against the chaos. But now that their seal on the Holy Blade has vanished, the three nations’ battle grows ever more vicious to control this sacred weapon.


Pets: Raise and customize the build on your pet to assist you in battle.

Three Classes: Choose from the tanky warrior, agile and deadly assassin, or mystical mage that can channel the power of the elements or heal allies.

Zodiac Goals: Take on a list of challenges to form the figures of the zodiac and unlock powerful armor sets.

Zodiac Medals and Starsouls: Zodiac Medals are collectable and offer powerful new skills to players. Through quests and killing other players, you can access starsouls that when combined with the four elemental starsouls can power up Zodiac Medals.

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