Post Human W.A.R

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  • Developer:
    Studio Chahut

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    2D Sci-Fi, Sci-Fi, Strategy

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Post Human W.A.R is a turn-based strategy game set in a ridiculous post-apocalyptic future where mankind is extinct and the poor souls left behind have gone to war with each other. Muster up your army, choose a champion, and utilize all manner of bluffs, tricks, and mental tactics to fool your enemy and destroy their secret unit. Available for Windows.


Going H.A.M: Experiment with the 3 distinct universes featuring the household appliances, mutated animals, and tracksuit monkey factions as well as their altogether 36 unique units.

Undercover Uncoverer: Ensure the survival of your champion by hiding them somewhere within your battle formation, while at the same time, attempting to find your foe's.

Even Scale: Fight on a fair battlefield where no randomness or play-time induced imblances affect the solo campaign, local, or online multiplayer matches.

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Game Videos

  • Post Human W.A.R Release Trailer

    Post Human W.A.R, a turn-based strategy game with solo campaigns and online multiplayer, announces its upcoming launch on December 14.

  • Post Human W.A.R – Teaser

    Humanity has been exterminated, but one thing never changes: War. Monkeys in tracksuits, appliances reassigned for combat duties, and more! Post Human W.A.

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