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  • Holyang3ls

    the game is good.but have bad management,and the moderator of the forum is a sower grape,self obsses attention glorified seeker..she just got upgraded to CuntMaster

  • Denise

    The game, itself, is an oldie but a goodie.

    However the management from SUBA is terrible. With a rotation of new GMs, tickets take days for a response and bugs take YEARS to fix. Problems with the game have lead the gamers to play around the bug issues or develop their own bug fixes (something the employees should be doing). What keeps the game going is the community of dedicated players who
    have stuck with the game for decades because they love it for its

    Also SUBA’s forum has the strictest ban policy and new community manager I’ve ever seen. Users get banned for: linking to outside fansites, mentioning any previously closed threads or banned users, and swearing even when they censored their own words with *** or #@$ (sometimes you just need that extra cuss word for emphasis). “IF YOU DON’T LIKE IT, YOU CAN LEAVE” is the CM’s response to the many complains from players. And this is what a lot of former players, GMs, and CMs have done.

    So, are you still interested in Pristion Tale? It’s a simple game with a small and active community that will entertain you for hours. But don’t expect a lot of support from the company.