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Prosperous Universe is an upcoming buy-to-play browser sci-fi MMORPG developed by simulogics for PC, Mac, and Linux with an expected release sometime in Q4 2017. In Prosperous Universe it is the mid-21st Century and humanity is doing surprisingly well contrary to prior concerns a few decades earlier. At least, humanity was doing well until the discovery of the planet killer: an asteroid that would hit Earth 100 years later and destroy the entire planet. In the interest of survival large corporations banded together to transport part of the human population to other planets, but now those humans are back at what they do best: trading and looking to expand their influence even more than before!


True Consequences: With thousands of other players as your competition you'd better be careful when choosing partners and trusting others. Every single choice you make will leave its mark on other players and the universe.

Real Economy: Every resource, component, and spaceship must be provided by other players in an economic system where supply and demand determine prices.

Build Wealth Your Way: Mine resources to sell to other players, design complex production chains, play with commodity exchanges and more! This universe lets you become wealthy in whatever way you can find.

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