Quick Hit NFL Football

Note: This game has been cancelled or shut down and is no longer available for play.
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This is the game that you have been waiting for - a true online football game that costs nothing to play. No credit card is required. Even better, no massive download means that you are playing within minutes!

Whether you are playing on a PC or a Mac, QUICKHIT Football is for you.

Become The Ultimate Coach

QUICKHIT Football is an interactive, authentic football experience that lets you build, coach and manage your team to victory. Call the plays, pick the formations and manage the clock to dominate your opponent.

You have all of the tools you need to turn your sports knowledge into winning football strategies.

Play Against Real Pro Players & Coaches

Want a chance to compete against the best players and coaches? How about testing your football IQ against Championship-winning coaches like Brian Billick or Tom Landry?

QUICKHIT Football single-player games put you in the middle of this hard-hitting, pigskin action.

Play With Real Pro Legends

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to play with some of football's most legendary players? Now is your chance to coach some of the game's greatest players! Tony Dorsett, Barry Sanders, Dan Fouts, Warren Moon, Steve Largent and Eric Dickerson are just a few of the players you can add to your roster.

Build A Football Dynasty

QUICKHIT Football is a persistent game that lets you build a football dynasty. Earn fantasy points in every game and turn your rookies and legends into current day Pros. Improve your team rating and boost your players' levels and abilities, adding powerful new skills.

You are more than just the head coach of this team - you are a dynasty in the making!

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