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An online game, which is very addictive. Ragnarok Online is now open in Europe-In english.

Once, there was a time where everything did not exist. There wasn't sand or sea, no ocean and the earth, not even the sky with his stars. At the beginning, there was only Ginnungagap, the endless void. So Allfather Ghost created the being and in the south, Muspelheim, the land of glow and fire rised like in the North, Niffleheim, the land of fogs, coldness and darkness.

From Niffleheim in the north, a raging source came into being, where twelve streams came out of. They fell into abyss, separated the north from the south and then freezed. From Muspelheim, blazing sparks fell onto the ice and so ... the ice melted. From sparks coming out of Muspelheim, the Gods created the stars. They gave them names and showed each of them their way they have to fly. The Gods created nine realms, three for the underworld, three earthly and three heavenly.

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