Raid of Regions

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    Toward Games

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Raid of Regions is an online third-person shooter dropping 20 players into squads of 5 to fight for their life while attempting to complete a piece of intel and escape the map. Seek out and destroy other players as well as a.i. opponents to farm up the resources necessary to survive and win the game. Available for Windows.


Airdrop: Buy progressively more powerful weaponry over the course of a match.

Supporting Equipment: Customize your loadout with items like grappling hooks, jetpacks, poison gas canisters, mines, drones, and more.

A Game of Wits: Earn vital information to reveal on the map where the all-important military intel can be collected.

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  • Raid of Regions Trailer

    Drop in with your squad and seek out and destroy rival human players while collecting military intel.

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