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Redwater Hills is a mobile-based zombie survival game by Gamespree. Take charge of a small group of survivors struggling to stay alive in a world where the undead shamble towards any living creature, merciless in their insatiable hunger.


Choose your heroes: Form a band of survivors from over 24 unique Heroes, each with a unique style, interesting backstory and different attack qualities! Send parties out to raid rival Bases, clean out Zombie-Hives, search for supplies or stay on Guard-Duty!

Bigger, Better, Badder: Level up your Heroes as they gain experience and kit them out with a variety of over 150 crafted or scavenged weapons and armor! Decide where your Heroes will attack or patrol and make sure their abilities complement each other for maximum destruction!

Venture into the overworld: Redwater Hills is a real-time persistent world. All players struggle in the same World Map and fight or co-operate for control of a variety of special territories that provide a boost to your Base or Heroes! Zombie-Hordes roam the map seeking the next meal and Zombie-Nests left untouched grow in size and deadliness!

Tournament of the Damned: Redwater Hills features a League system that allows players to battle their rivals for Honour, Prestige and Trophies! A clever 'League-system' ensures players are matched against suitably-sized opponents.

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