Reign of Guilds

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  • Developer:
    Atlant Games

  • Genres:
    3D Medieval, Fantasy

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Reign of Guilds is a medieval MMORPG inspiring players to cooperate and create massive kingdoms for themselves to rule over. Start from the bottom and rise to lordship in a world with no safe zones nor effortless success. Available for Windows.


War Games: Form a clan with your mates and discover your path to supremacy such as declaring war on a neighbor, pledging allegiance to a vital ally, or conquering rivals.

Warrior-King: The people won't follow a weak fool! Train a variety of crafts including the art of assassination, thievery, bladesmithing, necromancy, barbarianism and more.

Unforgiving: Take care to look over your shoulder wherever you go and sleep with one eye open, there are absolutely zero safe zones. You can, and will, be killed anywhere anytime for your loot and exp.

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