Renegade Line

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    Raw Vengeance Games

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    Free To Play, Shooter

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Renegade Line is a online multiplayer game with a unique take on third-person shooter games. Take up arms against a rival faction with a custom created soldier toting 1 of 4 classes and many more talents to tweak their strengths and weaknesses, available for Microsoft Windows.


Dog of War: Choose to be a spotter, a tank, a sniper, or thief, every class is more-or-less appropriate for a variety of situations.

That's Me!: Level up 100 times collecting just as many clothing, weapon, and vehicle skins to deck out your warrior.

Not Your Average Shooter: Renegade Line uniquely attempts to mix MMORPG and traditional shooter systems for something new.

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  • Renegade Line Alpha Trailer

    Fight to the death with a unique take on multiplayer third-person-shooters!

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