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Road Dogs is a free-to-play 2D strategy MMO developed by Teletower Studios for PC, Mac, Linux, and is available for download on Steam Early Access. In Road Dogs players can explore the state of Arizona set in the aftermath of a nuclear war that left the planet practically in hibernation. Now transportation is really only possible with hermetically modified vehicles and face-to-face interactions have been replaced with the sounds of radio waves. When the world has been ravaged by nuclear warfare and the government has been dismantled there is little you can do but fight for survival. Take on the world as a lone wolf or party up with other players and see if you can set the stage for a new US economy in Road Dogs.


Seamless Open World: Explore your way through a completely open world where you could encounter anyone at anytime, friend or foe.

Vehicle Customization: Get a hold of a motorcycle, buggy, sports car, truck, van, bus, armored car, tank, or even an artillery vehicle and customize its name, appearance, armor, weaponry, tuning, and gadgets to perfectly suit your needs.

Class-based System: With a classic role-based character system players can choose a specialization like scout, artilleryman, party leader, engineer, or ammunition and fuel delivery driver. Set up parties with other players and make use of smart class combinations to get things done - just make sure you can trust them first!

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