Robot Champions

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    Prospect Games

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    Sports, Sci-Fi

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Robot Champions is a 3D arcade-inspired arena fighter featuring 1~6 player online or local multiplayer. It's 2064 and the battle bot industry is bigger and and more explosive than ever. Scrap together your Roboteer representative and fight for intergalactic glory!

Business Model: Buy-to-Play

Microtransactions: No

Key Features:

Tinker and Toil: Customize your robots with performance-modifying tweaks and weapons from the likes of a hammer, grabber, spinner, flipper, and more. Similarly, its appearance can be adjusted with silly hats, epic skins, and other cosmetic options.

My Mission: Enjoy a wide berth of single-player content including being able to journey through an adventurous story mode, take on tricky challenges, or strive for conquest in competitive tournament events.

Tuning Fork: Bend the will of the universe with your every command... through the match configuration menu. There you'll be able to manually adjust specific settings for an experience custom-crafted to your expectations.

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  • Robot Champions Kickstarter Trailer

    Rip, smash, tear, push, stomp, and cut your robotic assailants within an arena packed with screaming fans, deadly hazards, and eternal glory for the surviv

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