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Note: This game has been cancelled or shut down and is no longer available for play.
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R.O.D.E., short for Rise of Dragonian Era, is a fantasy game of mystical characters and creatures where dragons hold the symbol of great power. It takes place in a world separated by two lord dragons, Firean (representing the West) and Azurian (representing the East). The ultimate form of combat in this world takes place between noble warriors riding high in the clouds on dragons. Dragons represent the fastest form of travel in the game and this death defying aerial battles are truly breath taking.


Dragon Riding System: Aerial Mounted Combat exists.. aboard dragons!

Castle Siege: On the Piral continent exists massive stylized castles for players to claim and capture from each other.

Devilo System:
Devilo, the lord evil dragon, will periodically send NPC invasions to try to claim castles from players to hold under his lordship.

Regional Wars:
Take up arms as either Azurian or Firean to defend the honor of your land and prestige dragon.

Mount System: Collect land, air, and dragon mounts, each serving various purposes to make your questing both easier and more exciting.

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    RODE Online is all about the dragons and aerial combat!

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  • Webster164

    If someone makes this game again, don’t make dragons something that takes 20years of real life play time to get. Please

  • VaLi

    Ya, i miss this game…it`s game real wich i play ever, who know when they come back? 🙁

  • Axelz

    this looks like an awesome game, wish i could play it

  • ShadowWalker

    To bad that we can’t file an Petition about to get that game back online. There was alot Player enjoying this like myself.