ROSH Online: The Return of Karos

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    Galaxy Gate

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ROSH Online: The Return of Karos brings players into an updated world built off its predecessor. Based in a world torn by blood, the once peaceful ROSH council has fallen to the Ismaul clan. Now warriors around the kingdom are taking up arms to usurp the Ismaul and restore the council that once brought peace and democracy to the land.


Faster Leveling, More Rewards: ROSH offers tons of quests and fast leveling speeds to ensure players can access more job upgrades and power ups faster than your typical MMORPG.

Extreme Instance Dungeon: Experience a new competitive PvE experience in which players battle other players in their level group to kill the most monsters in an instance.

Crafting: Through hunting, fishing, and mining among other professions, players will obtain the raw materials to forge powerful armor sets.

Guild Warfare: Test your faction’s metal against your foes in both the arena system and full blown siege warfare!

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