Rumble Fighter Reveals First Season 5 Update

ARTICLE Rumble Fighter Unleashed is coming as GamesCampus reveals the first pieces of this massive update. A new countdown clock on the official site touts the update at roughly 25 days away! So what key feat...

Rumble Fighter: Still Packs a Punch


Gameplay plays like a mix between Power Stone and Tekken, where combat emphasizes combos and juggling your opponents to rack up damage.

  • Fijianthug

    The First 5 screen shots are not even rumble fighter……

  • dio

    rumble fighter has a very bad community and it is pay to win due to the event in this game with astro being on top of cash.

  • kentson

    how to open rumble fighter launcher ,i fail to in the game it let me go website press start game i got log in but it say their service zone no allow play

    • Blank

      Are u in asia? then u cant play it

      • Abdullah Siraj Sumar

        Well i live in Asia, and I can definitely play it, some lags issues
        but yeah it’s fine

  • gillbaby

    are u an idiot they are rumble fighter when was the last time u played 07

  • David

    Can you still use ugc to pay for Astros?

  • Kyoko Sakura

    Man i love this game! XD