Runes MMORPG: Battle for the Dryanium

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    Faeria.Studio & Tiki Move

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    Android Phone

Forced into exile, the Corynthian Mages land on a forsaken island, Kaliend, where they are welcomed as saviors by the natives believing that they'll bring back an age of wealth and glory. Soon internal disputes between Mages will however kindle a war without mercy. To prevent the whole situation from turning into total chaos, an ancient custom is brought back to life, forcing the Mages to stop using magic outside of specially designed arenas until one of them is designed as a leader. The struggle has begun, the factions raise their champions to emerge victorious and change the fate of Kaliend.

Runes MMORPG is a massively multiplayer online game set in the fantasy world of Faera. Players incarnate Mages suspected of treason and exiled. Scattered all over the world, they finally gather on the island of Kaliend where they will have to find a way to get their past glory back. But the way will be full of hardships and conflict, and only the most determinate could hope to offer the Mages a better future.

To become the greatest, players will have to confront to each other during heated up battles that will test their dexterity and rapidity, but also their wit if they hope to be victorious and ascend to legend.

RÅ«nes MMORPG works on every Android phone!

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  • R?nes MMORPG: Trailer

    The struggle has begun, the factions raise their champions to emerge victorious.

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