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RUNNING WITH RIFLES is Modulaatio Games' take on a top-down shooter MMORPG with aspects of an open world game. Players will find themselves entering the army in the lowest of ranks with little access to weapons initially. As players gain experience and get promoted through army ranks, they will find that they will be granted access to stronger weapons. Mortar strikes, vehicle drops, and paratrooper reinforcements are just a few of the exciting abilities that await those who are able to break into the higher ranks. Players will even be presented with different choices as to how they want to take on the enemy. Sneaking behind enemy lines to steal materials or running headlong into battle are two options a player could choose between.


Multiple Game Modes: Singleplayer, Co-operative, and Multiplayer are all supported in RUNNING WITH RIFLES. What is perhaps the most exciting feature is that 40+ players can participate in a Multiplayer PvP match all at the same time!

Speech Bubbles Probably one of the more entertaining features of RUNNING WITH RIFLES are the speech bubbles that have a chance to pop up during certain events in game. Seeing a tank driver say "OH, SO THAT'S THE CLUTCH!" as they struggle to drive around is always a humorous sight.

Support for Mods: RUNNING WITH RIFLES comes with support for mods that can be created by players, allowing them the ultimate customization experience.

Cross-Platform Multiplayer Friends who want to experience combat together, but unfortunately have different operating systems shall fear nothing in RUNNING WITH RIFLES! Linux, Mac, and PC can all play RUNNING WITH RIFLES, and what is even better is that they can all play together!

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